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    Adam Ard

Manifesto for Self-Managed Software Development

Believing that programmers can be self-managed, we have come to value:

Flat organizations over hierarchical ones
Strong, individual code ownership over collective code ownership
Decentralized decision making over centralized control
Equity and/or profit sharing over salary
Private, individual work spaces over communal open office layouts
Choice and self-direction over standardization and central planning
A marketplace of ideas over forced consistency
Voluntary and free collaboration over assigned interactions
Persuasion and natural authority over compulsion and formal positions
Roles and responsibilities over assigned tasks
Direct customer interaction over product organizations
Transparency of corporate information (including source code) over permission based visibility
Ad hoc demos of working software over sprints and/or fixed milestones

We recognize that every organization must deploy some of the methods on the right, but assert that they should be constantly focused on reducing their use to an absolute minimum.