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2020-11-25 README-Driven Design in Emacs
2020-10-18 The Coming WFH Standoff
2020-10-13 Code Reviews Not Code Approval
2020-10-11 Little Tasks, Little Trust
2020-09-17 Remote Work is About Writing
2020-02-26 I ain’t gonna work on maggie’s farm no more
2020-02-22 Manifesto for Self-Managed Software Development
2019-11-27 Three Pillars of Agile
2018-12-29 Cooking your Software: Roles vs. Tasks
2018-12-23 Digital Bureaucracy
2018-10-21 The Adam Test: A Few More Steps to Better Code
2018-10-18 Strong Code Ownership
2018-10-17 The Smart Ones Don't Know
2018-06-18 Green and Clean: How to Make Programming Assignments
2018-07-04 Autonomy: The Right to be Wrong
2018-05-26 Three Ways Agile has Gone Astray: And How Open Source Can Fix it
2018-05-01 Code Reviews are Broken — Here is How to Fix Them
2018-04-20 The Fountainhead and Software Engineering
2017-01-01 The "Bus Test" Considered Harmful
2016-03-01 If not Scrum, then what?
2016-02-20 Why Scrum is the Wrong Way to Build Software